Rony Rex ft. Carla Monroe - Milk It

Kicking off the summer the right way, Rony Rex is back with his electrifying new single “Milk It”. Featuring accomplished singer/songwriter Carla Monroe (who wrote/sang MK’s global hit “17”), “Milk It” is out now via the on-trend label Youth Control.

RonyRex_SB2016_HAJ_9170_fullres copy.jpg






As a self-described unicorn breeder and club (music) counselor, Rony Rex holds the title of an artistic, clever tastemaker with his feet planted in the heart of the underground. Holding down a residency with Finland’s YleX Radio and a partnership with Red Bull, the dancefloor-inspired Rony Rex holds a notable voice and personality in the electronic music space.


With humble beginnings throwing parties with DJs in his parents’ house while they were away on the weekends (and getting busted for doing so), Rony Rex has hosted his own club events since the very beginning. Since kicking off his career as a producer in 2015, he’s aspired to create a house infused sound that battles the traditional Finnish melancholy and dark winters with positivity, energy and a tongue in cheek attitude.


Beginning with “Sticky Fingers” in 2017, Rony Rex kicked off his own wave of dance music with his signature style and went on to release singles like “Lift Yo Legs”, ‘’Mona Lisa’’ and most recently ‘’Milk It’’ with Carla Monroe, receiving support from the likes of Don Diablo, Anna Lunoe, Fedde Le Grand and many more. An extrovert on the decks, Rony Rex glides through the dance music spectrum with a focus on groove, technique and joy. Consider his performance somewhat of an extreme sport — the prominent live stream series he hosts is being broadcast from locations such as a shark tank, a cave in the middle of the Nordic winter and while airborne in a small airplane.


Combining his efforts as the host of Rexradio on YleX, a skilled producer, and an energetic force for the dancefloor, Rony Rex is the triple-threat that’s here to bring you the heat and make you smile through it all.